Abdallah Singles


Something about individually wrapped chocolates gives them a totally different sensation. If you’re the type of person who enjoys savoring the lead up to biting into an Abdallah chocolate, then chocolate singles are the perfect choice for you.

Singles are the perfect chocolate candy to take on the go or share with friends, as long as you’re willing to share. Being individually wrapped allows you to bring your candy anywhere.

Abdallah’s chocolate singles come in a wide range of flavors including basics like Milk Chocolate Candy Bars and specialties like Sea Salt Alligator Singles Ⓡ, so there’s guaranteed to be something to satisfy everyone.

Abdallah Candies has a long tradition of making gourmet chocolates with the highest quality ingredients possible. Our family-owned company has spent over four generations perfecting original recipes. With quality ingredients, natural flavors, and a love for the sweet things in life, we’ve created some of the best chocolate singles in Minnesota and throughout the world.